The Wheel

Sammul’s Log: August 2, 2018

I’m not sure what to say today.

I feel like I’ve gotten so many small prompts for deep thought over the past weeks, but I haven’t been able to nor had the time to give them the attention they were due.

One of them came from just a few comments back and forth at work.

A comment about how everyone is already talking about Fall weather and what they love about the season when it wasn’t even August yet at the time.

This leading the conversation to the fact that people are so conditioned to anticipate the future, that they miss the present.

pave covered on red leaf between trees
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They are already looking forward to Fall.




agriculture autumn background decoration
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But I know that once Fall is here they’ll be talking about Halloween.




christmas tree with baubles
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Then once Halloween is here, they’ll be talking about Christmas.




toast party ball cheers
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Once Christmas is about here, it’s going to be “New year, new me”.









cold dawn fog frost
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Suddenly it’s 2019 and we’re complaining about the cold, and wishing it was summer.





couple walking on city street
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Next, we’re talking about Valentine’s day,




bunny candy celebration chocolate
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then Easter.





bloom blooming country countryside
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Then summer is here.






Soon, before we know it, we’re talking about fall again.

It’s like a wheel, just going round and round.
Day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year.

Even though I understand the ever-moving lifestyle (better than some), I know that there are purpose and value in the present moment. How you live here and now is very important.

Remember that the most telling moment in your life is right now.
Will you get up and do that thing?
Will you decide through your actions to change that action?
Will you take that leap?
What are you about to do right now that means something to you?
What you do may be prep for the future, but the question is: 
is it meaningful in the meantime?

The most telling moment in your life is right now.

Never live for “someday”.

Now, with that said, don’t stop making goals. Don’t stop pursuing goals. Make plans, and execute them with finesse.
Continue to better yourself.

Read books, take classes, talk to experienced people, and surround yourself with those who are further along than you are.

Don’t stop moving forward, but never live today just looking at tomorrow. 

Just like the song says: “Today is yesterday’s tomorrow”.

What will you do?

There’s a musical called Ordinary Days. I like it because it’s message is similar to this one.
In the last song, these two characters are standing in an art gallery picking their favorite pieces of art. The artist character picks a plain painting of apples.

apple blur delicious diet
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Through the course of the song, he explains to her that this painting is beautiful, not because it’s immaculate and impressive, but rather because it’s ordinary, and reflects the beauty of an ordinary day.



“It’s simple, familiar, and full of feeling.”

— Warren – Ordinary Days

Another musical similar to this lesson is that of Tuck Everlasting.

In it, we follow the story of the Tucks who drank from a magical spring and became immortal. They meet this girl who lives a boring ho-hum life and wants something more out of it. She sees the opportunity of immortality as a fun adventure until she gets some inside knowledge from some of the immortal family. They tell about some of the losses that come with immortality. The way that life is meaningful because of death. Not in spite of it.
Specifically, the songs “Time” and “The Wheel” are the most telling in regards to this topic.

The point I want to make here today is that every raindrop, every breath of wind, every time you blink, is a miracle. It’s time going by, and history in the making.
Make history, but appreciate the clouds along the way.

“It’s a wheel, a ripple in the water.”

— Angus Tuck – Tuck Everlasting

Things come and things go to make room for more things to come. Nothing is new under the sun. Everyone experiences the same pain, and the same hope, and the same fears. Appreciate your humanity, and thank God that He doesn’t force you to be exactly like anyone else. Neither does He expect you to be.

“You’re you! You’re flesh, and blood, and hair, and nails, and ears…You are the only one of it’s kind!”

— Oscar Madison – The Odd Couple by Neil Simon

Live today, and appreciate the beauty in the memories you are creating out of mundane moments.


  1. This was so well said, and exactly what I needed to contemplate today. It brought me to tears…there is so very much impactful truth in this post. Thank you for taking the time to remind me of these things today, Sam!

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  2. This post “spoke” to me… get it? As the post is called “The Wheel”… and wheels have spokes… ah well. I enjoyed the way you used photos and went from holiday to season one by one to get your point across that sometimes we go from one time to another without appreciating the time we are in as fully as we can. That was a good visual. The post is once again relatable and well written from your rhetorical questions, to tie-in references to a hopeful message in the end. Nice job, Sam. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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