Why Do We Fall?

Sammul’s Log: 7/20/18

Have you ever just sat down, shut your eyes, and wished you were in bed?  Hoping against hope that you’d open your eyes and find yourself there?

Have you felt like someone came by and gently set the weight of the world on your shoulders, then left? 

Sometimes, it’s easy to feel sorry for ourselves. When life gets in the way and our commitments start to weigh us down, we are left feeling like failures.

  • Maybe there is a commitment that you backed out of.
  • Maybe there is a habit that you almost broke but keeps coming back.
  • Maybe there is someone who counts on you, and you can’t do anything for them.
  • Maybe there is somebody who left you one day and never came back.
  • Maybe life seems to hate you. It keeps throwing stones down on you and insists that you aren’t allowed to throw any back.

Whatever your life story looks like, I’m sure you’ve felt at least one of these things.
I know that I’ve felt all of them, and it sucks.
Experiencing those things leaves you feeling worthless and empty. Like you’ve tripped and fallen on your face for no apparent reason. Fallen from responsibilities, fallen from potential, or fallen from who you used to be.

I remember a specific point during the past year when I was feeling this way. I sat there overwhelmed by my incompetence when a simple question entered my mind. Like a whisper from just out of earshot.

“Why do we fall?” It said.

Have you felt like someone came by and gently set the weight of the world on your shoulders, then left?

According to Grecian lore, Atlas was a Titan (although some versions say he was a demigod) who was sentenced to hold the world as punishment for the tyrannical uprising of the gods called the Titanomachy.Atlas

There were times where he almost passed it off to others who came along, but ultimately he was stuck holding it forever. Literally carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders.

It’s easy to feel that way ourselves.
Like the entire weight of the world rests on our shoulders.
Like if we were to take a break or lessen our load for even a moment, we would find the entire world we know falling into destruction.
We take the responsibility for this and convince ourselves that it would be our fault if this happened.

Sure, there are ways that we influence what happens, and we definitely have a say in how things end up, but it doesn’t mean that everything involved is our fault!

Even though we try hard, and we do everything that we can.
Even if we put hours and days and months and years of effort into something, we still fall.

So why do we fall?
What lessons are we missing?



Why do we fall?

So that we can learn to pick ourselves back up!

Maybe we are all the Atlas’s of our own worlds or maybe we just psych ourselves into thinking we are.

Let’s learn together to take the next fall as a springboard. To get up, dust ourselves off, and shake off the pain. 

Look at the thing pounding you to the ground and say to its face: “I can do this all day.”

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