Touring Your Hometown

Sammul’s Log Sept 15, 2018

Today we had a jazz fest downtown. There was a live concert right outside the windows of the coffee shop. As they played the jazz music, we got lines and lines of new customers. It was a busy morning, but it was a good morning.

After work, I wandered around town with my little brother and sister, and we got some lunch while enjoying the vendors and various music around town.


This got me thinking about the local events and pop up shops that we encounter on a daily basis.
I can imagine that there are lots more local opportunities that we come across than we realize.

We like to talk about traveling and vacationing away from home, but I wonder how often we stop and experience the local sites?

The experience of local culture by wandering the smalltown shops is a unique thing, and hard to describe. You get to really see with a fresh perspective, the lives of the small businesses who are making their own product and creating their own small worlds. When you put all of those small worlds together, you get towns. Put towns together and you get communities. Put communities together and you get people groups.

These momentous sights and experiences that we put on our bucket lists are really just made from many small-town experiences that somehow mean more to us.
It hit me recently when looking at a list of top 10 scenic places to vacation to in the US, and rural northeastern Ohio was on that list.
I realized that I live in a place where others visit as a special occasion.

That was mind-boggling.

How often do we stop and experience the local sites?

I’ve always wanted to travel the world.
Not because I want to leave home, but simply because there are so many sights that haven’t ever been seen by humans.


Sights such as the moss-covered northern sides of a grove of trees in the forest someplace. Or maybe a mountain peak that has been otherwise unnoticed behind a larger range. Or maybe it’s the fleeting glimpse of the fish through the Amazon river.

I want to see things that others haven’t ever seen. I want to witness the things that normal people forget, or never get the chance to experience.

So when I go traveling, I want to buy trinkets from local hole-in-the-wall shops from around the world. See the small towns and experience the hidden wonders that are hidden right under our noses.

I’m reminded of these things while listening to the sound of the small jazz fest put on by local musicians downtown.

three man playing drums and wind instruments in front of store


For them, this is their life.
They are living a life where they play for festivals and local events, even if that isn’t their day job.


It’s the fact that these people are living their lives, not in New Orleans playing jazz, and not making millions as some cover band. These folks choose to simply play quality music for this downtown event in northeastern Ohio.

What I take away from this is that living the life you are currently in is extremely important.

Creating a life for yourself is essential, but realizing that the life you are living is, in fact, your life is even more important.

Look at the town you live in as a tourist, and pretend you’ve never been there before. You might find, you live in a pretty cool place.
Maybe you will find a town that you really never have been to before.


  1. What a nice perspective. Maybe if we all tried finding the unusual in the commonplace rather than hunting all over for it, we’d lead much more content and adventurous lives.

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