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Sammul’s Log, September 29, 2018:

It’s difficult to know what your life story is supposed to be about.

You might think it will go one way, but then something changes its course and you find yourself facing a different direction.

What do you do now? Are you supposed to try to get back to the way things were, or just continue into this unknown territory?

I really don’t know, and it’s hard to have an answer to that question.

The thing is, life isn’t ever stable. Not completely. Just when you think you’re getting things together, the equation changes.
This is a truth of life: you have to keep moving forward.

Even when you find yourself in a place you don’t recognize, you can’t stop moving just to let yourself feel sorry because then you might miss the reason you ended up there, to begin with.
You can’t turn around and make time go backward either. Once something happens, it’s permanent. All you can do is learn how to deal with the thing, and keep moving.

Life isn’t ever stable. Not really.

For me to say: ”It doesn’t matter, just move on” might sound insensitive, especially if you’re going through something tough. But at a fundamental level, it’s true.

So how are you supposed to know what “Your Story” is about?
I don’t think you ever can in totality. But over time and with intentionality, you can learn to create the life you live, and make it your own.

You aren’t always the victim of a life that isn’t how you want it. You are the deciding factor. The manager, if you will, of your life. Call the shots, and make the choices at the moment that they need to be made. This will help you to find the answer.

I’ve been reading Story by Robert McKee (a book on the art of “story” and storytelling through screenplays and other mediums), and it’s an interesting topic to think about. What is it that makes a story worth telling? What is it about the human experience that people resonate with? Each of us experiences similar things, and although we can never know exactly what anyone is feeling, we can understand a person on a deeper level than we give ourselves credit for. All we have to do is look around.


But on an even deeper level, I think that we each have a personal story to tell.
A story that we never fully realize, but we tell nonetheless, and each of those stories is important!

I came across an old log today on this topic, and I want to post it here:

Sammul’s Log: 6/15/18

We all have a story to tell.
Through the span of our lives, we add to the compilation of stories that make up the existence of this current universe.

Mary 5

My sister’s story ended after only 19 years, but its the most beautiful story that I have ever heard. but not just because I got a chance to hear it but rather because I got a chance to be a part of the story. To personally know her, and be her friend. To hear what she had to say and help to encourage her when she was ready to quit.

God had a purpose, and he promised to take away her suffering.
The only kicker is that He didn’t promise
how he would. And it turned out he made the right decision in the long run.
I think that it was a beautiful conclusion to the story Mary was telling. And I can’t see another way for her story to have been told and still be as impactful. I’m honored to have been there for it and played a part in its outcome.

The Lord tells the truth.
If we don’t see it as truth, that’s because we aren’t in the same mind as He is.

He sees the entire story, rather than just my life or your life. He cannot tell a lie. It seems like a lie sometimes because of our circumstances. But He can’t lie.
Everything he says is true and will always be true. Because He created the basis of truth in our world.
We can’t always understand what it is that He does, or why it is that He does it. But that doesn’t mean that it’s incorrect. It means simply that we don’t understand.

I want to have faith, and I want my story to play out just how he plans it to. Because I know that that story is mine alone to tell.


So what is your story?

Do you have any ideas?

I know it’s easy to feel depressed, and I know it’s easy to let the heaviness of life convince you that it’s purposeless. But that’s not true. Every story told is the story of a person, and your life is a unique story that’s in the process of being told. So don’t crap on the negatives, but realize that they are there for a contrast. They help you to see the positive.

When you feel lost, and abandoned, when you look around and realize you’ve grown up, or when you try your hardest to achieve something and it just doesn’t want to work out.

Don’t give up.

Your story is quite literally not over yet.

This is a truth of life: you have to keep moving forward.

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