My name is Samuel Gonzalez. (Known by my family as “Sammul”.)
I’m a barista/baker/blogger located in Northeastern Ohio

This is a blog for sharing my thoughts and experiences.

I’ve got a lot going on in my head at once, and with that being so, I need a place to put it all. That’s what this site is for. I have my “logs” dated to the day I wrote them, so even though what you read may be edited for the public eye, it’s been written since the date on each log.

It’s important for context purposes that you know my beliefs.
I’m a Christian. Just trying my best to live well in spite of the world. I believe that the Bible holds the secrets we’re looking for and that there is a God who knows so much more than I do. So why not listen?

With that said, I understand that everyone doesn’t think the same way I do. So I’ll be respectful of you if you can manage the same.

My policy is simple:

If we can all take a few grains of salt with our opinions, I think we can all have a more tasteful conversations.

I love sharing my thoughts and experiences with people, and I hope that we can have some fun if not a few lessons along the way.